What’s Going On

I blew it. My goal was to write one 500-word entry per day. I have not done so in well over a week. There are several reasons for this. I don’t want them to come as excuses, because ultimately I am responsible for this blog. I am not so much disappointed in not keeping up so much as frustrated. There has been several life circumstances that have made it hard to keep up.

I am injured. I have a problem with my foot that they are still trying to figure out. One explanation is a tear in the Achilles tendon. But they won’t know for sure until I have an MRI on May 4. The pain has been excruciating. They put me in a “boot” and it hurt more than ever. The “boot” crushed my heel. I think this was because my whole foot and leg was so swollen. It has been difficult to walk and the whole situation has been extremely frustrating. The pain has made me not want to do much of anything, including writing.

It is the end of the semester and the end of the academic year. That is always an incredibly busy time. I have always said that I don’t like the academic year. I would much rather have the 9 months of works spread over 12 months because the work load would be so much more manageable. As it is now, we are supposed to cram everything in before mid-May. I hate the amount of stress that puts everyone through and then all of a sudden everyone leaves. It is truly bizarre if you ask me. I envy other people that have normal 12-month schedules.

The injury has caused me to be depressed. My depression is not as bad as it was about a month ago but it has flared again because of the injury. This further makes me uninterested in the blog and keeping up with a daily practice.

Finally, this past week, I had to do three, 1000-word articles. These articles were for the zines I do in my classes. Although it is a student publication, I try to always write an article and have my TA write one as well. It wasn’t too bad writing these because the topic interested me but it definitely took away from writing in my blog.

I have no idea if I will write an entry tomorrow. I have a doctor’s appointment and then a 3-hour class. The injury has made me not want to walk and made me more tired as well as it feels like I expend twice as much energy when I have to walk.

I need to have compassion for myself. It is not a failure that I have not kept up but perhaps a set-back. What I know for sure is that the blog will continue and that I will make a priority. I think when classes end that will be a help and when I get this injury under control as well. Thank you to anyone who reads this and thanks for your patience as I attempt to re-establish a daily/regular writing practice.