I adore winter. Absolutely love it. While there is endless complaining about New England winters, and I do understand some of it, overall I prefer winter over any other season. Maybe it’s because I like to be different, but in fact it is because of the unique features of winter. Snow is so incredibly beautiful. The cold temps are so bracing and invigorating. The cold wind is like a caress.

Part of why I like winter is definitely because of the cold weather. As stated in a previous entry, I hate hot, humid weather with a passion. It bothers me to no end. While super frigid weather can also be a bother, if you dress right for the weather it’s really not that bad. I love to breathe in cold, fresh air like nobody’s business. And while I don’t ski or snowshoe, I am a big admirer of snow. I find it to be breathtakingly beautiful.

Winter also brings with it the Christmas Season. Christmas, like winter in general, is chiefly concerned with peace, harmony and good will towards our fellow humyns. I love this aspect of the winter and Christmas season. As Christmas approaches, I light my advent wreath and engage in religious readings for each day before the birth of Jesus. I play the song “O Come O Come Emmanuel” which is my favorite Christmas song of all time.

Ironically, I am not a big fan of holidays. They usually increase my depression and isolation. But I like Christmas and Advent and its placement in the winter months. I like the small rituals I perform at home and being able to go outside in the bracing cold and look up into the sky at the stars.

Being such a winter lover brings with it a lot of fighting. I have to fight summer lovers all the damn time! They who love drippingly hot weather and endless sunshine and sweating and all the rest love to come for me. Now, I am not saying summer can’t produce some stunningly beautiful days. Especially when it is warm and not hot and the sun is brilliant and radiant. I can be down for that. But the “dog days” of summer are the absolute worst. When those occur I want to only be in the shade and in the air conditioning.

As I write this I am looking out the window at the snow. We got quite a big dumping of the white stuff yesterday. There is an amazing stillness and calm to the snow. I see some dripping from the melting and the occasional bird dart by. I can honestly say the last place I would want to be right now is Florida. Winter is a gift. It is part of the natural cycle of life and how lucky we are to experience the diversity of four seasons in New England.

There is a word for living organisms that thrive in winter: Chionophile. While it is used mostly to refer to animals, I see no reason why we can’t add humans to it. I honestly feel better in winter. I get sick more in summer and the heat upsets me physically and mentally. While most people are greatly bothered by the cold, it tends not to bother me as much as others. Whenever I meet another winter-lover I am thrilled! Maybe over time I will grow to appreciate summer more, but I doubt it. Winter: bring it on!